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Club Cactus Vol.2 - CD [Limited Edition]

Club Cactus Vol.2 - CD [Limited Edition]

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 *When you purchase this Limited Edition Club Cactus Vol.2 CD. Inside the CD case you will find a special code which allows you to a copy of the album direct from 


The much-anticipated follow-up to Club Cactus Volume 1, Club Cactus Vol. 2, has arrived!

This latest instalment features an eclectic selection of talented Australian artists, including Barney In The Tunnel (Barney Kato and Tunnel Signs), Dan Muz, Rabbits On Saturn, Joey Tuckshop, Dystopia, Petrichor Project, Joey Daye, and label head Damo Cox, as well as internationals Italian Cristian Fascelli and London tech house guru Next Of Kin.

Club Cactus Vol. 2 brings elements of house, tech house, techno, and progressive together to create the perfect soundtrack to your club night, festival, bedroom, barbecue, or road trip. Join us for a sonic adventure full of visceral beats and dynamic rhythms with Sorta Kinda Music Presents, Club Cactus Vol. 2.

Album Mastered by Damo Cox

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