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Ceccato - All I Need Is You [EP]

Ceccato - All I Need Is You [EP]

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Cat No: SKM22034

Format: mp3 [EP will download as a .zip file]

Release Date: 11 August 2022

EP tracklist:
- All I Need Is You
- Feel The Love

The talented Gold Coast based DJ turned Producer, Ceccato, makes his debut with this delightfully deep EP on Sorta Kinda Music. Take a journey through sound and embrace the the good vibes while you lose yourself on the dance floor.

All I Need (A Side) - Delightfully deep and designed to hit you in the feels with the deep bass line undertones, the smooth but haunting vocal creates the perfect atmosphere to lose yourself to the music while the glitchy synth stabs take you to another world. A true representation of the early days when Ceccato was starting out as a DJ and was spinning tunes from Golden Features and Kyle Watson in his sets.

Feel The Love (B Side) - Setting the tone for the later part of the night. The bass line groove accompanied by the bright and spacey melodic elements and luscious pads makes this track a memorable one on any dance floor you find yourself grooving away to it.

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