Mixing & Mastering Services

All of our Mix and Mastering services are currently completed ITB (In The Box).

Please contact us via the below contact form or via email at audio@sortakindamusic.com for our current pricing on our services.
  • Mixdown Only

    All the track stems are balanced and processed before being summed together to create a quality Stereo Mixdown ready to be sent on to the Mastering Engineer.

  • Full Track Mixdown & Master

    The full track Mixdown and Master takes the track through the same process as our Mixdown Only service and then recieves a the final polish with a Stereo Master that will be ready for release and distribution.

  • Stereo Master

    In a stereo mastering process, one stereo file that has been through the Mixdown process is processed to create the final Master ready for distribution.

  • Stem Master

    Stem Mastering offers more control over the Master allowing a tighter and more balanced final product. The Mix is required in 6 track stems that have been summed together and rendered from the beginining until the end of the track. The preferred grouping of the stems are;

    Kick, Drums, Bass, Synths, Effects and Vocals.

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Mix/Mastering Enquiries

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